Breathe Better

with Bayview

Ecologically Sound Plants

Bayview plants are grown in environmentally friendly greenhouses. 95% of our irrigation is drawn from natural rain water, which is filtered and recycled back into our watering system. Our pest control is predominantly managed by biological controls. This means predatory insects are released into the growing environment to eliminate plant destroying insects. Through these natural forms of control, we at Bayview are able to maintain a high level of plant quality, without compromising the environmental integrity of the process.

Plants are Good for People

It is important for our well-being to have plants and flowers around in the places where we live and work. Researchers say that a surrounding ourselves in a natural environment decreases the amount of stress we sense, and increases our fitness and welfare. The presence of the green of plants makes us healthier, happier and more relaxed.

Plants Clean the Air

In many work surroundings, and even in your house, the air holds harmful materials that can damage our health. Plants are natural air cleaners, taking in the air, absorbing dangerous molecules and breaking them down through their root systems. Humans need plants because plants clean the air we breathe and fill it with oxygen. A NASA study recommends 15 to 18 houseplants (12 inches in diameter) for an average 1800 square foot house. Ask us about our “Pure Green” tropical plant line-up, Mother Nature’s air purifying machine.

Helping Out

Bayview Flowers has recently installed a new energy source at our home location. Our anaerobic digester uses waste products, such as corn silage or b-grade pet food, and breaks them down to create natural energy.

So What Does All This Mean for You?

It means when you buy our plants you’re dealing with an environmentally conscience company. We are constantly searching for other ways to grow our products in ways that will benefit our planet. And with your support, through the purchase of our plants, you're helping keep responsible companys like us on the job.